About us

We are glad to welcome on the site of the “2nd Singing Squadron”!

You probably heard or already played the most famous game-air combat simulator of the Second World War “IL-2 Sturmovik”. Our team consists of people for whom it is not just game for entertainment first of all a part of our life and hard for all of us without it and secondly it is our constant work to improve flight skills and team work.

The squadron =2nd Singing Squadron= is a voluntary association of people who are keen on the online air combat simulator “Il-2 Sturmovik”. Our organization was founded on June 22, 2002 for communication, friendly meetings, and joint trainings, flights in virtual wars and participation in cyber sports competitions. The decision to call  the squadron   =2nd Singing Squadron= was taken on the basis of the “Only “Old men”₁ are going to battle” feature film and the most importantly as an eternal memory of the pilots who died in air battles with fascist  invaders, those who defended protected our Motherland in the Second War.

Our site is an information resource that surely will be interest both people interested in the aircraft of the Second World War and to people who are far of it. If you want to join our ranks then after familiarization and agreement with our Charter you can follow the link to the forum to fill out questionnaire. If you are already a member of any virtual organization or just a person close to aviation then in our site you can find a lot of interesting information, books, and articles audio and video files. If you are not person close to this topic then you will also be interested in getting to know our site learn a lot about the origin and development of domestic and foreign aviation tactics, strategies for its use.

*1 – One of the meanings of the Russian idiom “old man” is “most experienced person”

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